To the Editor: Voting my hopes, not fears 

To the Editor: 

The all too common occurrence of voting for the lesser of two evils in an election has been eliminated with ranked choice voting. This election reform did away with the fear of the spoiler effect or splitting the vote with the inclusion of third-party candidates or independents in a race. The first general election to use RCV successfully in Maine occurred in November of 2018, which had two Independents in the race. Despite the various legislative and judicial attempts to deny voters a real choice in their elections, as is the case with RCV, it remains in effect. I am excited to use RCV to vote for my preferred candidate, Lisa Savage, for U.S. Senate, as she is the only candidate who is for universal healthcarea green new deal and getting money out of politics. I am voting my hopes and not my fears in November. I hope you will join me and allow the RCV system to work as intended.  

Starr C. Gilmartin 



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