To the Editor: Trust the process 

To the Editor:  

As a Unitarian Universalist, I believe in the worth and dignity of each person and I believe in the use of the democratic process. I believe that every eligible voter should have their voice heard and their vote counted. I am blessed to be living in Maine where this is the reality. Maine’s election process is transparent and absentee voting is accessible. In Maine, every vote truly does count and every voter is vital. 

Most voters in the United States have come to expect to have an official winner of the presidential election within three days. This year we have struggled with a pandemic, experienced a chaotic presidential election year and as a result more people are voting absentee. Counting each and every vote is going to take time. Each absentee ballot must be verified and each voter must be certified, this is a time consuming process. In Maine we are committed to ensuring that each vote is counted and Govenor Mills, Secretary of State Dunlap and our town election officials have planned for the additional time this will take. However, many states have not planned for the extra time needed to accomplish this.  

We must be patient for our democracy to work. We must expect that election results will take longer. Because of this delay, there will be some who will undoubtedly sow seeds of doubt. Do not be drawn in by those doubts, for democracy takes time. A long wait for results is actually good news! A long wait means that our democracy is working and that every vote is being counted. So, I ask that when you hear people worrying that the election results are taking too long, reassure them that this is ok. Explain why and help them to once again have faith in our democratic process and trust in the outcome. 

Tracy Haskell  

Hulls Cove 

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