To the Editor: To mask or not to mask

To the Editor:

(With credits to Shakespeare and D. Thomas.)

To mask or not to mask, is that the question?

Whether tis better to suffer the stares of an unmasked petulant neighbor,

or shrug and give him 12 feet of social distance.

Or to call him to task for his narcissism and lack of empathy,

and take arms against this sea of troubles and hopefully bring them to an end.

Or should we bear the whips and scorns of time, hoping for an end,

to this “plague upon all our houses”?

Or shall we go “gently into that good night”?

Resigning ourselves to the possibility of that when we ask,

“My kingdom for a horse,”

None will show.

But I prefer another road,

I say

Come all and hope “we can drink down all unkindness.”

Rob Bauer

Blue Hill

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