To the Editor: Step up, lean in 

To the Editor: 

This year has been brutal in many ways…for everyone. We have all been touched by the pandemic and our sense of “normal” has been challenged in every part of our daily life. Both as a nation and as an island community, we are facing major challenges, now and in the future. Sometimes it can all seem overwhelming. Recently, we at the Southwest Harbor/Tremont Ambulance Service and in the larger community, have experienced several losses. In the last few weeks, we have lost two former board members, Jim Keene and Mark Campbell, in addition to Southwest Harbor’s Police Chief, Alan Brown. Neighboring towns have also suffered painful, tragic losses. 

Although the ambulance service is still reeling from these sad events, we are also uplifted by fond memories of these three gentlemen. We are extremely grateful to Jim, Mark and Alan for the time and dedication they poured into their community service. Their kindness and “community first” mindset are an inspiration during these trying times and serve as motivation to keep moving forward with a positive and helpful spirit. The fabric of this island is colorful and strong; stitched together by people like Jim, Mark and Chief Brown who step up and “lean in” to serve their friends and neighbors. We are all in this together. We will get through this and move forward together. We are strong together as a community; one that is made up of compassionate, resilient and rock solid” individuals.  

Margy Vose 

Board president 

SWH/Tremont Ambulance Service 

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