To the Editor: Solar project clarification

To the Editor:

The Islander reported last week on the MDI High School Board of Trustees’ decision to select Sundog Solar over ReVision Energy to install solar panels on the MDI High School roof. As a member of the committee that reviewed the two proposals, I want to clarify a few things about the decision that might be misinterpreted based on my quotes in the article.

I was quoted as saying “… we feel that both companies could do a really good job… But when you look at the numbers, they’re certainly more favorable for Sundog.”

That was true, but another part of the article says, “Blotnick said he thought ReVision’s price was higher because it has more overhead costs.” This incorrectly suggests that overhead costs were the reason for the differences in projected cost savings.

With 250 employees, ReVision does have higher overhead costs that come with a much greater depth of specialized personnel, including financial and legal teams, a service division, etc. However, the actual cost of the solar installation for the investors was only 3.2 percent higher.

Sundog’s more favorable numbers came in projected savings based on a substantially lower estimated buyout price for the high school in year seven of the agreement. This price reflects a difference in financial terms laid out by third-party investors for this particular proposal rather than a higher installation cost by the two companies.

Both Sundog and ReVision have a proven track record of high quality, cost-saving installations and utilize Maine Licensed Professional Structural and Electrical Engineers to assure the highest quality standards of workmanship. And the solar panels themselves are of comparable quality and manufactured by companies that meet Tier 1 Bloomberg ratings for bank-ability.

A Climate to Thrive has the utmost respect for both companies and their employees, having worked very closely with ReVision on Solarize MDI and Sundog on the Tremont landfill project.

MDI is fortunate to have these and other solar companies of this caliber dedicated to helping move individuals, businesses and municipalities toward our clean energy future.

Joe Blotnick


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