To the Editor: Rural connectivity

To the Editor:

Unless the internet suddenly disappears (and I hate to think how that might happen), it’s safe to assume that we all will become more and more dependent on it. So, given its importance, why don’t we have universal broadband in our homes and businesses?

Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark and many others have much faster internet service than we do. Their national commitment is clear: “Spend now, so the path to the future is fast and smooth.”

Because there’s no Tennessee Valley Authority-style commitment in the USA for universal broadband (and Congress is currently “distracted”), it’s going to be up to state and local entities to figure out how to pay for “the last mile” of connectivity.

Clearly the need is there! Rural towns are poor and can’t raise their tax rates to pay for fast internet speeds (which, in turn, attract new residents, support home-based businesses, allow seniors to get medical assistance at home).

So, what’s your community doing? Is it studying connectivity solutions? Where do your local and state representatives stand on broadband access?

If this is important to you, ask them! Maine Senate: (800) 423-6900; Maine House: (207) 287-1400.

For more information about broadband connectivity, check out ConnectME ( or Maine Broadband Coalition (

John Greenman


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