To the Editor: Price discrepancy

To the Editor:

Recently I went to to compare next year’s Part D plans for myself and my husband. After registering, listing my prescriptions and the drugstore I use, the website showed a list of available plans with their total costs (drugs plus premiums).

Clicking for detailed information about one of the less expensive plans, I found a confusing discrepancy: this plan stated it would have $0.00 cost from July-December 2020, but a chart just above showed that my costs would be hundreds of dollars a month.

Obviously both couldn’t be correct. I tried three other plans and the same discrepancy occurred. Confused, I called two of those plans directly (Cigna and AARP) and provided my list of drugs and other information.

The result? I definitely would have monthly costs throughout the year, and all the information on the site was wrong. For example, a plan listed on said my total cost would be $2,974, but the insurance company said it would be $4,181. Both Cigna and AARP said they would be in touch with about the problem. But I think it affects everyone who tries to use the website.

Today I tried the same routine for my husband’s 2020 drug plan. This time the site showed that if he stayed with his current Anthem Part D plan, the total cost for drugs plus premiums would be over $10,000. When I called Anthem directly to check if this was correct, I learned his total cost would be only $1,681.

It appears that no one can depend upon the website to provide correct information. I worry that people may sign up for what appears to be a less expensive Part D option only to be slapped with unexpected, high costs later in 2020. Conversely, some people may not choose a Part D plan at all if the total costs are erroneously inflated beyond what they can afford. My advice?

Use the website only to find the names of available plans; then contact them directly for accurate information on cost.

Suzanne Carmichael

Deer Isle

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