To the Editor: Plan needs more work

To the Editor:

The trial of the timed entry reservation system at Acadia National Park has been a nightmare on four fronts primarily. The town of Bar Harbor, The Jackson Laboratory, individual businesses and local residents have all been forgotten and affected by poor planning and, worse, execution of any planning. Road deterioration, increased and more dangerous speeding traffic, congestion, noise and pollution are just a few of the problems resulting from the abuse and overuse of Schooner Head Road as an ANP access and exit route. As a small town road it is not intended for that use. The total disregard for the atmosphere of an older road and its local residents is the most glaring negligence by the ANP so-called “planners. 

Those relevant stakeholders need to contact Google and Mapquest to get the directions to ANP focused on Routes 3 and 233 entrances not Schooner Head Road. Nearly every phone owner/driver is using this as an entrance. The numbers are staggeringObviously, no one has checked that problem alone. 

A more thorough, well thought out and accurate planning is drastically needed to make this work. In my humble opinion, overall, this is a very poor attempt and an unprecedented failure of the trial plan. 


Deb H. Weber 

Bar Harbor 


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