To the Editor: No more spoilers 

To the Editor: 

If it weren’t for Jill Stein’s candidacy in 2016 or Ralph Nader’s bid in 2000, we might be facing a future suitable for our children and grandchildren in regards to climate change, healthcare, education, equality and racial justice. But now with ranked choice voting in Maine, there are no “spoilers.  

That’s why I’m excited to rank Lisa Savage (I) for senator first, a candidate who more closely represents my values than the candidate I will rank second, Sara Gideon (D). Maine’s last governor was first elected in a five-candidate race with only a 37.6 percent plurality. With RCV, a candidate must receive 50 percent of the votes. After counting first choices, if neither Collins nor Gideon receives this majority, then the second choices of voters are counted. Not only will my ranked vote help flip the enate by taking a vote away from Collins, it will send a message to Washington that Democrats prefer a more progressive candidate.  

After a rather close primary, Joe Biden met with Bernie Sanders to make sure the Democratic platform took bolder steps to alleviate climate change and protect the working class. RCV allows us to vote for our values rather than settling for the duopoly that doesn’t serve us. If we use this new system with confidence, we can show the rest of the country that it is a truer form of democracy and create an election where a third party candidate is represented by voters for their platform and not their potential to “spoil” our future.  

Christina Spurling 


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