To the Editor: New Deal a bad deal

To the Editor:

There is an expectation in this republic that the duly elected representatives of the people will represent the people.

Not so for the voters of Congressional District 2 (CD2) in the state of Maine. As the freshman representative from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has established herself as the standard bearer of the Democrat Party, Jared Golden, the freshman Representative from Maine who campaigned on standing up to his party, is content to offer his silence as consent.

The Ocasio-Cortez-inspired Green New Deal has Democrats breathless to get on board but when the citizens have voiced their opposition, Ocasio-Cortez responds, “I’m in charge” and “I’m the boss.”

This flies in stark contradiction to the basic tenets of the constitutional republic. So we wait for Representative Golden to defend the republic we hold dear in CD2, and yet, only silence.

The cost of the Green New Deal to every household is $650,000 to fund its $93-trillion price tag. Devastation lurks in the wings of Congress for personal economies. The Golden response is silence.

The regulations and mandates proposed by the Democrats’ New Deal would crush the economies and businesses all over CD 2. Ocasio-Cortez, the new leader of the Democrats, has a solution for the impending fiscal demise Democrats create: “Don’t have children.” Still, silence from Golden.

Golden has done nothing to decry his party’s careen over the fiscal cliff of insanity. He seems content to cower in the shadow of the Green New Deal. CD2 needs a voice to stand for them in Congress against this regulatory tyranny, but silence is Golden.

Andrew Torbett


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