To the Editor: Music fest thanks due

To the Editor:

Tonight (July 14) we will attend another wonderful classical music concert at the Bar Harbor Music Festival.

This is the 50-plus anniversary of this ongoing festival!

And what a series: great classical music, jazz and even live opera (Carmen this year).

It seems incredible that a small town like Bar Harbor could offer such a series with such talent. Anyone can see it is an enormous organizational and financial challenge.

Heartfelt thanks are due to all who make it possible, the performers, the staff and the donors. But special thanks have to be offered to the indefatigable and undefeatable powerhouse musician working behind, before and in the scenes, Francis Fortier.

You can see him around town hustling, working and struggling and can only guess at the efforts he makes and has made through the years.

He is a genuine hero. What can we say to such a person?

“Three cheers, hip hip hoo’ray and God bless you!”

And, oh, yes, one can add this too: “the check is in the mail.”

Ron and Charlotte Shelden

Bass Harbor

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