To the Editor: Maine Senate

To the Editor: 

Two guys from Ellsworth are competing for the Maine Senate seat that covers most of Hancock County.  One is looking to the future and the other clings to the past. 

The incumbent is first-term Senator is Louie Luchini. In his first Senate term, Louie has been a distinguished leader with a clear record of bipartisanship.  Luchini lead the effort to switch to a Presidential primary instead of continuing the obsolete party caucus system. 

Luchini has a strong record on the environment to protect our future, earning a perfect rating from the Maine League of Conservation Voters.  Luchini is a proven strong advocate for renewable energy.  At the same time, he fights for producing jobs of the future and creating opportunities for our younger people.  Luchini was instrumental in getting financing to support the new Jackson Lab facility in Ellsworth, creating hundreds of good paying jobs and strengthening one of Hancock County’s most important employers. 

Luchini is at the forefront of actions to expand broadband to lay a strong foundation for the future of Hancock County.  Likewise, he has won approval of measures to benefit veterans’ health care, education, jobs and housing. 

The other candidate is former Senator Brian Langley.  He is best remembered for switching his position and casting the deciding vote against providing health care to thousands of Mainers.  He built a dubious record on protecting our environment, earning a career rating from the Maine Conservation Voters of only 57 percent.  To display his devotion to the past, just look at his campaign signs asking voters to “re-elect” him to position he used to hold but no longer does. 

The choice is clear:  We need to retain Louie Luchini as our state senator. 


Alfred Judd 


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