To the Editor: Luchini’s a champion 

To the Editor: 

For the past two years, State Sen. Louie Luchini has done a good job of representing the best interests of the people and businesses of State Senate District 7. As the owner of a small business, I appreciate being represented in the Maine State Senate by a person who understands and advocates for policies that help small businesses grow while protecting our way of life. 

Louie’s work to help expand the micro-brewing business in Maine and his advocacy for the 2016 research, development and commercialization bond have resulted in more job opportunities across the state and in our district. He’s made key environmental votes to help protect Maine’s air and water from toxins and has passed laws to promote investment in clean energy projects, all of which help protect our tourism industry. He continues to advocate for the expansion of highspeed internet in rural areas like ours so that mom-and-pop shops and home-based businesses can expand their reach and help our local economy. 

Louie Luchini has been a champion of small businesses. He understands that success in business means looking for new ways to do business, create jobs and protect our natural resources. I’ll be proudly casting my vote for his re-election this fall.

Gail Leiser 

Bar Harbor 

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