To the Editor: Luchini understands 

To the Editor: 

I am supporting Louie Luchiniwho is running for reelection to State Senate, representing District 7. District 7 comprises a diverse group of constituents, from coastal and island to rural inland communities – each with unique economic challenges. Louie has demonstrated by the bills he has sponsored or been a part of that he understands and cares about each of these communities. He led an effort that passed with bipartisan support for a development bond that enabled construction of the new Jackson Lab facility in Ellsworth. He sponsored a bill that would provide tax credits for apprenticeships in jobs in the trades. Louie has sponsored and co-sponsored bills to expand high speed internet in rural Maine, which is vitally important for those trying to work from home or for whose children are now attending classes remotely. He is the chairman of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee and in this capacity has worked hard to improve veterans health care and to lower their tax burden. 

Louie understands the challenges we face in rural Maine. He has been working to build systems that provide good job opportunities for all of his constituents, whether through workforce training programs, efforts to build on existing industry or through protection of our natural resources that so much of our tourism and fisheries industry relies on. He has sponsored bills to maintain snowmobile trails and access for winter recreation and offseason tourism opportunities for non-coastal communities. He has also been a champion for victims of violence and sexual abuse and for people struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. He supports affordable and accessible healthcare for all Mainers. 

When so many Mainers are leaving the state to pursue better economic opportunities, Louie returned to Ellsworth, the town he grew up in, to work and to find a way to give back to his community. I respect him for that and for his bipartisan, principled approach to leadership. He has my vote this November. 


Lori Austin 


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