To the Editor: Local control

To the Editor:

Recently, we were made aware of a change taking place in corporate health care in several counties here in Maine where a certain health care provider contracted with out-of-state medical providers, causing angst amongst the people it serves.

This week I received a copy of the “Good Medicine” February issue of MDI Hospital news and stories of local people and the good that the hospital provides to this community and the surrounding areas.

I, too, reflected back on a several occasions when I have needed medical attention and the incredible medical care that I received at MDI Hospital, the caring nurses (too many to name), physicians including Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Kuffler, each the best of the best!

I got to thinking how very fortunate we are to have such a caring provider serving this community and delivering such a high level of quality care. Much too often we take for granted the important role this health care provider plays in our everyday lives and the positive impact it makes on so many.

The leadership and “local” control of Art Blank has propelled MDI Hospital and its affiliated providers to a level of performance and growth like no other, but despite such leadership, it is a financially challenging daily task. We, the community must get involved and financially support this long-established community health care provider, because we don’t want to wake up some morning and read the headlines that we have lost that “local” control.

Together, we can truly make a difference for generations to come.

Carroll E. Harper

Southwest Harbor

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