Letter to Editor: Livable town

To the Editor:

Several years ago when many of us expressed our concerns about the number and size of the cruise ships in our harbor and all the attendant problems, the ecological and environmental crisis was not front and center in the public consciousness. At the present time, though, dealing with this crisis has become an absolute priority and a cause for concern that can no longer be ignored.

Many of us, myself included, have signed onto a pledge to take steps to deal with this crisis by limiting our use of plastics and throwaways, focusing on vegetarian and vegan options for our guests, etc.

That the cruise ships pose an environment hazard dumping enormous amounts of waste products into our oceans is now beyond argument. No longer is our concern, though totally legitimate, confined to the impact on our town of congested roadways, sidewalks, and other major inconveniences that have made our lives in the season less livable and loveable.

It is time that we move on from the microcosm of our immediate concerns to the macrocosm of the well being of our planet and join in a nationwide and hopefully worldwide effort. It is heartbreaking to read about dead whales whose stomachs are full of plastics and other human-generated garbage.

It has become the ultimate “no-brainer” to put monetary gain via cruise ships ahead of our and our oceans’ continued existence. Let’s put Bar Harbor on the map, not just as a great vacation spot, but in the forefront as a socially conscious and responsible community.

Roberta Chester

Bar Harbor

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