To the Editor: Lessons to be learned

To the Editor: 

Thank you for the letter exchange between Steve Curran who marvels at support for President Trump and Merle Cousins who fears the Biden/Harris administration. 

To Curry I say, Republican voters are not monolithic but they are united and have been very effective in enacting their agenda. They’ve had profound impact on America, the world and the planet. Donald Trump has taught us, belittle Republican voters at your peril. In unity there is strength, and this applies to democracy as well as to fascism – it’s what we make of it. Surely there are many other lessons to be learned. 

To Cousins I say, please listen to Pres. Elect Joe Biden and VP Elect Kamala Harris in their own words. It seems your perception of them has been shaped by their detractors. For the past four years, I’ve listened to Pres. Trump and his supporters in their own words, in context and unedited, on CSpan radio. I listen for free on my phone; it uses very little of my cellular budget and is a good resource. Find out for yourself; you may be pleasantly surprised, and even relieved. Social Security was derided by the Right as a socialist or communist plot to destroy American businessbut actually, it’s a pretty good program. 

Annlinn Kruger 
Bar Harbor 

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