To the Editor: Legislature concerns 

To the Editor: 

Hey, Hadley Pointer here. 

I noticed we had some political articles before, and we all agree around here that Black Lives Matterbut I don’t think that was our political issue per say. But being in a multiracial family, I respect the sentiment.   

But there are political issues that affect me and all my neighbors regardless of color or economic status. For everyone who lives on island, it’s the Versant Power monopoly. We’re being lied to by our legislative branch and gaslighted by deadinthewater policies. The Maine legislators made articles directly cutting into our federal rights on anti-trusts and monopoly. And all the people who seek to gain from this are only Mainers from June to September, out of staters with so much money they can pick and choose when they have to be a Mainer. We can talk about Susan Collins and Sara Gideon all we want, but Louis is still taking money from Spanish Energy.  

Global warming can’t be fixed if the people we trust to guide us sign us up for legal monopolies on energy. Regardless of who you voted for, if we keep Louis uncheckedthere won’t be an island left for our children. I implore you to please seek justice for usthe islanders, because these policies are going to sink us, and you may be our only hope. 

Drew Zimmerman 

Bar Harbor 

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