To the Editor: In support of abortion care

To the Editor:

This week marks two important dates for the women’s rights movement. March 8 is International Women’s Day, and March 10 is Abortion Provider Appreciation Day (APAD). I am writing today to voice my unequivocal support of abortion care providers and the courageous work they do every day.

These women, men and people push on through protests, budget cuts, excessive regulations and death threats all to provide their clients with a basic human right guaranteed both by our government and the United Nations. As a supporter I feel it is my duty to make my voice heard and drown out those who fight against choice and freedom.

I am alive today because of two abortions. When my mother was in high school she had an unintended pregnancy that she chose to not continue. My father’s high school sweetheart made a similar choice.

My parents have now been lovingly married for over 35 years, and both have successful careers.

All of that is only possible because they had the healthcare access they needed. They were able to go on with their lives and reach their potential instead of being punished for a childhood accident. My brother and I were raised in a loving, supportive, stable household because my parents were allowed to have children when they wanted, instead of when chance dictated.

Not only am I alive because of abortion, but my life is good because of abortion.

So here is a shout out to the abortion providers who helped my parents when they were in need. Thank you. Thank you for giving my family the life we have today. I hope everyone who is reading this can join me in taking action. Thank your local providers, like Mabel Wadsworth Center and Maine Family Planning, for their service, and help them in any way you can. And Happy International Women’s Day!

Kingsley Witten

Bar Harbor

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