To the Editor: Hydrogen as energy

To the Editor: 

Tom Rolfes has written several letters to the Islander this year asking that somebody study hydrogen as an energy source (most recently Oct. 29, “Hydrogen buses could be the future”). I think that is a good idea.  

In the past, I have responded to Tom’s letters to this paper regarding climate science. I, and most of the world, accept the science and Tom does not, but that debate is no longer important. Businesses and governments around the world now see tremendous business opportunities with green energy technologies such as solar, wind and electric vehicles because they are not only better for the environment but they are also economically competitive with fossil fuel technology today and rapidly getting cheaper. These technologies also create lots of jobs, including some in Maine.  

 A group that Tom references, A Climate To Thrive, has been doing great work to position MDI as a leader among Maine communities in taking advantage of this energy trend. ACTT is largely made up of our MDI neighbors volunteering their time and considerable talents to help achieve their goals. I don’t speak for ACCT, but I do support them. It has found creative ways to provide cheaper electricity to many homeowners (including me), businesses and municipal buildings, and continues to look for ways to do more. Like making energy more affordable for people on modest incomes and moving us toward energy independence. 

While we disagree on the science, I think Tom’s proposal to study hydrogen as an energy source is something we should explore. Other communities are doing this. Even if it is not economic for MDI today, it might be in the future. 

I think the best person to lead this study is Tom; he already has a pretty good workplan in his recent letter. I would be glad to help him or anyone else who wants to explore this.  


John Fehlauer 

Mount Desert and San Antonio, Texas 


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