To the Editor: Human decisions 

To the Editor: 

What follows, I know, is naive. There are scholars of various stripes who argue that most/all human interaction is “political.” According to the media that we watch and/or listen to, members of Congress discuss, debate, argue and make political decisions on a regular basis. It is what they do. 

Might we not be better off if the vast majority of the “political decisions” reached, not only in Washington, but in our states, cities and larger municipalities, were, instead, thought of and regarded as “human decisions”? That is what most of them really are. Perhaps referring to them in that manner might even begin to lessen our horrendous political divide. I suspect that town governments, such as that in Bar Harbor, have long made “human” decisions simply because there is such minimal distance between town government and those impacted by decisions made (not that everyone is always happy about results). 

As it currently stands, though, we seem to be in need of some kind of a reminder that “political decisions” often diminish the much more important human ones. 


Lewis Redding 

Bar Harbor 

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