To the Editor: How to win elections 

To the Editor: 

What prompted the American voters to elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt president of the United States for four separate terms? The answer is easy. Because Roosevelt understood what a nation of citizens needed to keep them warm and clothed and fed and healthy. Despite the fact that he was very comfortably wealthy, himself, he was not a greedy man. He was not focused on tax laws that benefited only the rich such as we have seen Republicans opt for very recently while Trump was president. 

Roosevelt was aware that a country’s vitality rested in a positive outlook and good health among its citizens. At the head of the Democratic Party, Roosevelt led the fight for a kind of legislation that no other president had ever attempted. Once the stock market crashed in 1929 and millions of men were unemployed, he enacted the WPA (Works Progress Administration), which put millions of starving men to work. His administration created the CCC, a conservation corps that brought thousands of young men into the workforce, clearing forests, creating artworks and working at many other needed activities. His administration created the Social Security Administration, which allowed that payments to the federal government from each paycheck henceforth would serve to build a fund for every working citizen who would then be awarded a Social Security check every month at retirement age. 

These kinds of laws, which focused on the “average” citizen, created a new kind of nation, built the middle class, and gave America the strength and vitality to win the wars in both Europe and Japan. Roosevelt had the vision to realize what would make America great. 

And that’s how to win elections. 

Shirley Chase 

Winter Harbor 

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