To the Editor: Hear their stories

To the Editor:

Veterans Days will soon be upon us, a day much different from Memorial Day. Veterans Day is a day to thank those who have served our country in the military, unlike Memorial Day, which is a day to remember those who have fallen or passed on and served in this great nation’s armed forces.

Take a moment to thank a veteran for their service to our country. Let your children talk with them to learn about conflicts, not from what is said from a book, the internet or teacher who was not there, but from a veteran who lived that moment in history.

World War II vets are far and few between. So many want to pass on their stories and connect with someone who will listen. There are veterans with a story to be told firsthand. Many talk about their experience to help them; many do not want the next generation to forget what they did to protect our way of life.

People need to remember that our right to voice an opinion freely, to protest, are rights under the Constitution – a document that every person who enlisted in the our armed forces swore to protect from enemies, both foreign and domestic. These men and women gave up part of their lives to help defend these rights. Their families who supported this gave up holidays, family gatherings and events. The families also helped many return to a normal life.

People forget our freedom to do many things comes at a great cost. The least we can do is thank a veteran for their service. I will be forever in debt to Maj. Amy Cartmell and CWO Peter Cartmell for connecting me with several vets who served with my father, and who performed a wonderful ceremony for our family. Veterans told me story after story about my father, allowing me to know my father through them, which is truly a gift I will never forget.

Thank you to Rep. Golden for listening and for getting a special thank you to all veterans and Gold Star Families by offering free entry into all national parks and lands for the families and veterans who served this country proudly.

Sean Hall

Hulls Cove

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