Letter to Editor: Fond farewell

To the Editor:

Morning Glory Bakery is saying goodbye.

With a lease expiring at the end of 2018, the entire contents of Morning Glory was moved into storage and space in friendsʼ restaurants. For many of us, winter on Mount Desert Island has often meant a mix of hibernation and travel in the hopes of rest and then clarity. Clarity is leading me to make this difficult decision to let the bakery go.

I want to thank every employee who worked with me through early mornings, hot afternoons, late nights, bad days and all the wild times. A big heap of gratitude goes out to all the providers who worked with me and offered advice and encouragement along with products and services.

Thank you so much to Norumbega Moving and Storage for making the move so much smoother.

My biggest thank you goes to our community who has supported the bakery through the changing seasons, faces, and flavors.

Seeing you and your families has brought so much joy into my life. And of course, thank you to the owners before me!

I hope you can celebrate this big choice with me. I hope you continue to support the small businesses around you.

It is a real labor of love to run a small food business. The magic of MoGlo is in the people around it and in the closed circuit nature of fair, local year round business that is supported by Maine farmers and families. It is motivated by so much more than money or popularity.

I worked at the bakery for 12 years and ran it for half of that. It was truly a dream come true. It was a bear. It was a roller coaster. It was a family. It was a good run.

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Maria Chase

Bar Harbor

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