To the Editor: Don’t let it happen 

To the Editor: 

The Affordable Care Act will fall victim to a Trump re-election. That cannot be allowed to happen. Millions of Americans are insured and are insurable only under Medicaid with the federal support that will end with the ACA. Millions more are insured under policies that keep children’s coverage alive and under policies that do not exclude pre-existing conditions. That will all end with the ACA. COVID-19 will emerge as a common uninsurable pre-existing condition. Rural hospitals all over America depend on ACA-supported insurance just to survive. They will fall with the ACA. The Trump administration is now before the Supreme Court demanding that it declare the ACA entirely unconstitutional. The administration is also in the process of constructing court that will go along. The results will be catastrophic. 

The administration repeatedly promises to unveil an alternative health insurance 

plan. It has never kept that promise and never will. Clearly, it either has no such plan, or has one that is so bad it would enrage the voters just before the November election. 

The administration’s positions on climate change, air and water pollution, election tampering and tolerance for corruption are bad enough. But its cruel and thoughtless drive to deprive millions of Americans of affordable health care is inexcusable.  Only a robust vote at the polls in November can keep that from happening. 

Richard S. Cohen 

Seal Cove 

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