To the Editor: Dems got your tongue? 

To the Editor: 

An open Letter to Sen. Angus King: 

Six years ago, after serving your first four-plus years with Susan Collins as one of Maine’s two U.S. Senators, your warmly endorsed her successful candidacy for a fourth term. 

During these six years, Sen. Collins has continued her record: never missed a Senate roll-call, never introduced a Senate bill without a Democrat co-sponsor, consistently recognized as the most bi-partisan Senator, and deeply respected on both sides of the Senate aisle. 

Having now served in the Senate close to eight years, you — better than any other Mainer — recognize the critical importance of seniority in that august legislative body. Were Sen. Collins re-elected, she would return to the Senate, eleventh in seniority, and the senior Republican on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. Are you willing for Maine to toss aside our tremendous advantages that Sen. Collins’s seniority will provide?  

What has changed in those six years? Have the Senate Democrats, with whom you caucus, now got your tongue? 

Alan L. Baker 


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