To the Editor: Backbone of democracy 

To the Editor: 

Our democracy is in peril. President Trump has cast doubt on the integrity of the election by claiming, without substantiation, there is massive fraud in our electoral system, calling mail in ballots ”…a hoax and a scam…” (Bipartisan data, collected over 20 years, shows the incidence of general fraud at approximately  

0.00025-0.0003 percent and mail fraud 0.0006 percent.) His claims are undermining the electoral process and could cause confusion, chaos,  

vindictiveness and even violence at election time. 

One measure to minimize, if not prevent, these possibilities would be to urge Congress to create an emergency committee to establish ground rules and oversee the election, defining critical parameters such as time framework for collecting,  

counting, monitoring and reporting on the ballots to ensure their validity.  

Voting is sacred. It is the backbone of our democracy. Let it not succumb to the President’s disparagement. 


Ralph Shapiro 

Seal Cove 

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