Ties that bind

To the Editor:

Often a visitor will write to the Islander of a pleasant experience they have had while visiting Bar Harbor. I, as a resident of Bar Harbor, am writing of a pleasant experience I had thanks to a family from Oklahoma. This family committed a random act of kindness by picking up the lunch tab for a fellow veteran and me.

My friend Richard and his wife came over from Gouldsboro for the Memorial Day ceremony on the town pier.

Afterwards, we went to Paddy’s Pub for an early lunch. We sat outside, and the family from Oklahoma was sitting on the inside of the restaurant on the other side of the glass from our table. We could see each other but not converse.

Apparently, they saw our caps which said, on mine, Army Veteran, and on Richard’s, Navy Corpsman. They wrote “thank you for your service,… a family from Oklahoma” on the receipt [left with us by the waitress], and left without saying a word.

Terry O’Connell

Bar Harbor

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