Thanks to first responders

To the Editor:

There are myriad benefits to living in Bar Harbor, but I was reminded recently of how very fortunate we are to have such excellent emergency personnel. On March 10, I had an auto accident on School Street; my car was flipped and totaled, but fortunately I only had a few bruises. I remained strapped in by my seatbelt until the EMS responded to neighbors’ calls.

The side air bags had deployed, so I couldn’t see through the windows. The situation was very frightening but much less so because I was in town and near the fire station. I knew help would arrive soon, and it did. Jeremy Ogden and Todd Hardy, the firefighters who removed me through the car window, were calm and professional, yet comforting and reassuring. They inspired confidence that I would be safe.

The ER staff members at MDI Hospital also were clearly well-trained, compassionate, and made me feel safe and well-cared-for. Lt. Jim Pinkham of the Police Department questioned me briefly in the ER and, like the other professionals I encountered, was patient and sympathetic. Overall, they eased me through what could have been a terrifying experience and minimized the physical and emotional impact. I am deeply grateful.

Sharon Broom

Bar Harbor

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