Teddy bears

To the Editor:

It seems everyone, from President-elect Donald Trump through many political commentators, is upset by the organization “Grabyourwallet” urging folks to boycott L.L. Bean in response to Linda Bean’s “utterly reprehensible” political beliefs.

We have several liberal commentators’ columns in the Bangor Daily News and the NY Daily News, and the president-elect’s tweet, all urging us not to punish the innocent employees of the firm for Bean’s activities.

Linda Bean herself made similar remarks in an interview on Fox TV the other day.

While it is understandable that Bean should have to take that approach as someone responsible to the company, it is noticeable that, in making this argument on practical grounds, editorial writers and all the rest have lost sight of the philosophical point that what Linda Bean does as a private political action does not, even though others may disagree with her position, merit retribution of any type.

We have reached a low point in this country when political disagreement is treated as something which merits punishment. What is being done by these supposedly injured groups is not terribly different from burning down the house of someone you disagree with.

Maybe that comes next.

Disagreement is what politics – and governing – is all about. We seem to be experiencing a time when two groups hold sway on the political left. Progressives cannot fathom that anybody would disagree with, or fail to understand, their obvious right to determine the arc of history because of their patently correct view of how the world should be ordered. Coddled millennials are so easily hurt and offended by anyone who holds a view different from theirs that they require safe spaces and counseling whenever they don’t get their way.

Perhaps we need two new government programs: a realistically-taught history course for the progressives and free Teddy bears for the millennials. Or maybe both groups just need to grow up.

Don Lodge

Southwest Harbor

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