Tax bill

To the Editor:

I hope you will join me in calling Sen. Susan Collin’s office to ask her to vote “no,” to vote against the Trump tax bill when it comes up for a vote, possibly this week. The proposed tax bill is a scam. It is touted as tax reform.

If robbing the poor and middle class folks and giving tax breaks to the wealthiest is tax reform, I guess they are right. If the bill passes, most Americans will not be better off. This bill favors ultrawealthy millionaires and billionaires by lowering their taxes and by lowering the corporate tax rate of the largest corporations from 35 percent to 20 percent.

Besides paying back their top donors with these tax cuts, what do the Republicans claim is the purpose of the tax bill? The proponents of the bill say that corporations and wealthy people will invest in new jobs, build factories in the U.S. and raise wages.

But there is nothing in the tax bill that requires these actions. No corporation or individual needs to change their behavior or business model in any way to receive the tax cuts. The bill would pay for the loss of billions to the federal treasury by eliminating deductions that now benefit middle class Americans. One version eliminates deductions for medical expenses; state, local and sales and property taxes; mortgage interest; and student tuition.

There is talk about future cuts to Medicare, SNAP and Social Security as ways to make up for lost revenues. Collins’ vote is critical, as the Republicans need 51 votes to pass the bill. I encourage everyone to call her office in Washington, D.C., or in Bangor and express your opinion. I will ask her to vote “no.” I hope others will, too.

Susan Covino Buell

Southwest Harbor

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