Taking is fraud

To the Editor:

The town of Mount Desert offers a rebate to resident taxpayers who pay for town water and sewer but have their own septic systems and wells. This would include everyone on the western side of the island and quite a few on the wealthy side.

One needs to contact the assessor to complete the paperwork. For those of us who reside anywhere from Bar Harbor to Timbuktu (i.e. from away), we can be reimbursed for pumping out our septic systems if the proper procedure is followed.

My big fat whine is that we are paying for town water and sewer, and those services are not being provided. This is taxation without representation.

Most people didn’t notice that our tax bills stopped being itemized a few years ago. I questioned the assessor why we were paying for undelivered services.

That’s just the way it is. If you want some input, go to a town meeting, I was told.

We have become second-class citizens who are told that we are supposed to fly up in our private jets to be ignored at meetings in the winter.

I’m not complaining about taxes for schools, police, fire, maintenance, refuse pickup, town offices, library, etc. These taxes benefit the community as a whole.

If a business were to take money for services and then not provide them, someone would go to jail. The town’s authorized taking is fraud.

Philip Hicks

Mount Desert

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