Taking a stand

To the Editor:

We are fourth graders on Mount Desert Island, and we want our voices to be heard.

In December, we have been learning about Standing Rock and what is happening to the tribe’s land. We think it is just not right. Do you really want the pipeline to go on or not? We just want to say that North Dakota is not the only place that should care about the pipeline. We care, and we want to tell you what we want to say.

Did the Army Corps of Engineers make the right decision to not allow the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to be built through Standing Rock? Absolutely. Because of this decision, the Standing Rock Sioux’s sacred land, their tribe and their water will remain protected. If we don’t keep on fighting, the federal government and the energy companies could go ahead and build the pipeline and cause a lot of problems.

For instance, an explosion could happen, or the water could be poisoned. We do not want this issue to slide or to be ignored. We hope this isn’t just a pause. We hope the pipeline will be stopped permanently from affecting Standing Rock and hopefully from affecting other communities and wildlife.

Thank you to members of the Penobscot tribe who joined the protest and veterans from the tribe and from other parts of Maine. Thank you to all who donated money to help the protesters.

Now that you’ve heard this, we hope that you agree that this land should be protected from the pipeline.

Lilly Alley

Emma Astle

Julian Austin

Lucian Avila-Gatz

Cecelia Blackett

Chiara Daul

Kaylee Higgins

Kaleb Hughes

Mai Ishimura

Nathan Kelmenson

Annine Kovacs

Adam Losquadro

Anouk MacDonald

Harlan Mahoney

Carter Noble

Calie Reece

Mia Shaw

Caroline Fournier’s Class

Conners Emerson School

Bar Harbor

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