Supporting Luchini

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Louie Luchini’s candidacy in the primary election on June 12. Luchini has admirably represented the greater Ellsworth area as a state representative for four terms. He was appointed to serve as chair of both the Ethics Committee and the Veteran and Legal Affairs Committee by the house speaker, demonstrating trust in his leadership as a legislator. He has a record of bipartisan accomplishments in the house, including passing a research and development bond to help create jobs across Maine. He has also demonstrated strong leadership in the areas of education and the environment, two areas I care about deeply.

Luchini fights to protect Maine’s precious natural resources. His advocacy for clean water, clean air, building a clean energy economy and confronting climate change have been recognized by the Maine Conservation Voters, who have given him their endorsement in this Senate race. In fact, during his eight years in the House, Luchini earned a perfect voting score record from the Maine Conservation Voters.

As an educator, I am particularly impressed with Luchini’s record supporting our youngest citizens. He voted to appropriate funds for the delivery of Head Start services. He voted to provide ongoing funds and start-up grants to expand public preschool programs; this passed in the House but was defeated in the Senate. Luchini has been endorsed by the Maine Education Association in every House race.

Luchini has proven he’ll work hard for the people of Maine and his home Senate district, protecting our precious natural resources, working to increase our educational opportunities for Maine’s younger residents and creating jobs for Mainers. Please vote for Louie Luchini in the primary election on June 12.

Susan Whitby

Southwest Harbor

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