Support for Luchini

To the Editor:

Louie Luchini will have my support in the June 12 Democratic primary and general election for Maine Senate District 7, which encompasses the majority of Hancock County.

I have known Luchini since his high school days, and for the past six years, he has been my seatmate in the legislature, so I know firsthand his solid record of fighting to expand health care, protect the environment and create jobs as a state representative for Ellsworth and Trenton.

But on top of that, Lucnini has repeatedly fought, and won, against big money casinos attempting to write themselves sweetheart laws. In the case of the recent York County referendum, it was Luchini who requested the Ethics Commission investigate campaign finance irregularities, resulting in the largest ethics fines in Maine history.

Luchini also closed loopholes to ensure legislators could not pay themselves from political action committees they operate. He has been strong on campaign finance reform in his role as House chair of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee.

Whether it’s taking on big money in politics or fighting for legislation to create jobs and boost services for veterans, Louie Luchini stands up for what’s right. I urge Hancock County residents to join me in voting for him on June 12 and Nov. 6.

State Rep. Brian Hubbell

Bar Harbor

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