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To the Editor:

Every day, it feels like the political divides in our country are only getting worse. Through these divisive times, we must remind ourselves of what we can achieve when we work together through the divisiveness. We must restore our country’s civility.

Two Bar Harbor residents have taken this charge to heart. Nina St. Germain and Ron Beard are working with the Town Council to develop a Bar Harbor Civility Code in an effort to revive civility throughout the town.

I urge the Town Council to take this important step in helping to restore the civil political discourse that was once commonplace throughout our country. By taking this bold step, the citizens of Bar Harbor can help turn the tide on our nation’s declining discourse.

In these divisive times, it is comforting to see that St. Germain and Beard are committed to being involved, engaged citizens. Their dedication to reviving civility should be lauded. Efforts like this are what make our democracy stronger, everyday citizens who stand up and say enough is enough.

We want to congratulate St. Germain and Beard for embarking on this important mission, and we hope that the Town Council will do its part to revive civility. We all have a role to play in reviving civility and respect, and we thank these concerned citizens of Bar Harbor for taking the lead.

Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer

Executive Director

National Institute for Civil Discourse

Washington, D.C.

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