State control

To the Editor:

With all the misunderstanding going on between Acadia National Park and the citizens of Maine with regards to control of the area below the low-water mark along the park’s borders with the ocean, it is clear something needs to change.

The state of Maine and its taxpayers own all fresh water rights on bodies roughly the size (10 acres) of Aunt Betty’s Pond or bigger. Federal laws east of the Mississippi further protect the inlets and outlets to those bodies of water.

Maybe for some of the similar reasons that the responsibilities of the fresh water bodies are left to the state, maybe property below the low-water marks of the ocean also should be protected by the state.

Maine authorities and biologist have been great stewards of our fresh water bodies and all the other intertidal zones in the state.

I am sure they would do the same for the intertidal zone around the park.

Mike Olson

Otter Creek

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