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To the Editor:

We have written to Sen. Susan Collins to urge her to vote against the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and to ask her to use her considerable influence to persuade her Senate colleagues to do so as well.

So many of us here in Maine are counting on Collins’ leadership to prevent the confirmation of a nominee who denies climate science and who threatens to undo decades of vital progress made by the EPA. Pruitt has joined other attorneys general in suing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, describes himself as a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda and has attempted to block rules restricting mercury emissions and protecting air around national parks.

He also is part of another lawsuit against rules to reduce ozone levels. His opinion that climate change is an unsettled science is both wrong and dangerous.

He consistently puts fossil fuel interests ahead of people and the environment. If appointed, he will be in a position to cause irreparable harm to our environment and to set us far back in the fight against climate change.

We are residents of Mount Desert Island who, through A Climate to Thrive (ACTT), a grassroots initiative started last year, are working to bring the entire island community together around the shared goal of sustaining our environment and our economy. In developing and promoting alternative, local energy solutions for the island, along with energy conservation projects, ACTT’s efforts will significantly reduce carbon emissions and pollution as well as create new businesses and generate year-round jobs that pay a living wage.

Collins’ colleague Sen. Angus King was the keynote speaker at ACTT’s major public event this summer. We have strong support from key organizations such as the Natural Resources Council of Maine and Acadia National Park. Our newsletter now has a circulation of more than 850 Maine citizens, and our six working committees, progressing rapidly on a variety of initiatives to help all island residents, are attracting volunteers from across MDI and beyond. ACTT is drawing attention and gathering momentum.

Given Collins’ unique, pivotal position in the Senate, she undoubtedly receives a multitude of appeals every day. But on this most critical of appointments, we are counting on her loyalty to the people of Maine and on her concern and regard for us, to use her powerful voice of experience and wisdom to reach the right result.

This key position has never been more important. We need a nominee who believes in the EPA, not one who has sued the agency and consistently opposed it on behalf of fossil fuel interests. Sen. Collins, please stand up for the citizens of your state and for future generations throughout the country.

Gary Friedmann, Chair

Dennis Kiley, Vice Chair

John Craigo, Secretary

Joe Blotnick, Coordinator

Emily Beck

Gordon Beck

Lisa Bjerke

Johanna Blackman

Ken Colburn

Glenon Friedmann

Ruth Poland

Richard Sassaman

The Advisory Board of A Climate to Thrive

Bar Harbor

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