Speeding problem

To the Editor:

Another wonderful summer season is winding down on Beech Hill Road here in Mount Desert, and I would like to thank a few people and organizations for their efforts to keep this a safe and special place.

In June, the Mount Desert Police Department parked the radar trailer near Beech Hill Farm, and it had a positive effect. I have actually seen one of their patrol cars twice in two months.

Folks up the road at “Resort” Beech Cliff impressed on most the staff that the speed limit of 35 mph (or less, thank you) should be observed. Parents of campers also were notified that the Beech Hill neighbors would appreciate it if they drove reasonably because of the walkers, talkers, joggers, bloggers, hogs, dogs, tractors, actors, mouses, grouses, mooses, gooses, deer, turkeys and families that live on that road.

Well, unfortunately, a whole load of people apparently loves to speed here in their SUVs (mommies) and pickups (daddies.) I’ve contacted Mount Desert Police for four previous years, but I didn’t this year after being informed that the visitors/summer people/residents don’t like being ticketed.

The only police authority that will actually do something is the Acadia National Park police, and they have been castigated for citing speeders on the Eagle Lake/Jordan Pond Road.

This is unbelievable and unacceptable.

Check out the police logs for the towns. The park police are the only ones who seem to be ticketing speeders. All roads on MDI should be patrolled for speeders and unsafe drivers. Speed is cited repeatedly as a factor in almost all reports of accidents in Maine.

Too many people on MDI foul their own nests by driving carelessly.

So after all that, I’d like to thank all of you who drive safely on MDI.

Philip Hicks

Mount Desert

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