Speaking the truth

To the Editor:

An article penned by V. Paul Reynolds in your newspaper seems to have quite a few liberals with their panties in a knot.

The writer said Reynolds is maligning your Nobel Laureate president by calling him anti-gun. Obama was given the Nobel Prize for things he would do instead of things he had done. Obama has made a point to do everything possible to work around the Constitution and Congress to abridge gun rights. He made no secret before he was in Congress that he didn’t think anyone should be allowed to have firearms. He was involved in gun-running activities, such as “Fast and Furious,” to allow guns to get into the wrong hands and appear to be the work of legitimate gun owners.

This program cost many lives in Mexico and at least one U.S. Border Patrol agent. He has conspired with the United Nations to strip away our Second Amendment rights, even though told not to by Congress. He likes the style of Australian gun confiscation even though they do not have a Constitution and Bill of Rights like we do. It’s presumably legal in Australia, but it is unconstitutional here in the United States.

After a school shooting, Obama put Joe “Shotgun” Biden in charge of figuring out how to prevent more school violence. He headed up the “task force” to end school violence for one day before it was changed over to “gun violence.” The task force was made up of all anti-gun politicians and police chiefs, not one pro-gun person or organization.

The other liberal who was upset with Reynolds’ writing doesn’t like his views on deceased Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. Compare Scalia and the likes of the two Supreme Court choices of Obama, Kagan and Sotomayor. We don’t need anymore like these two.

Finally, he doesn’t like “militarized weapons,” whatever that means. The semi-automatic rifle is the most popular firearm in America. As far as needing it for self-defense, it would make it much harder for “any enemy, either foreign or domestic” to enslave the citizens of this country if they had modern technology available instead of muskets. I would much rather have a semi-auto firearm and not need it than to need it and not have it.

My hat is off to V. Paul Reynolds for speaking the truth, no matter who it upsets.

Don Loncto

Fletchers Landing


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