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To the Editor:

The Southwest Harbor Board of Selectmen in April voted to place the question of funding the proposed improvements to the Pemetic Elementary School playground on the June 12 ballot. The article will ask for up to $180,000. After discussion, it was agreed that rather than a bond, the money would come out of the undesignated fund balance (estimated to stand at $1,880,413 on June 30) and be paid back at $30,000 per year for six years.

While I have no children of my own, as a lodgings owner catering to the tourist trade and as one who takes pride in our town, I support this spending. The playground is one more asset in the community that makes Southwest Harbor an attractive destination. Most of my summer guests are families with children, and questions about access to a playground are frequent.

Located in the center of town, the playground, along with all our infrastructure, should be attractive and in good repair. By this, we serve our residents and show we welcome visitors to Southwest Harbor.

I urge all voters, especially those who maintain lodgings and businesses, to support this spending.

Kristin Hutchins

Southwest Harbor

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