Slippery slope

To the Editor:

I feel as a gun owner and user, I must respond to the article in last week’s Islander about a recent resolution from the MDI school system board asking elected officials to enact “common sense” gun control measures.

I question if the people quoted (Caroline Pryor, Scott Grierson or John Bench) have the same idea of common sense as most gun owners/users do. I see many of their proposals as a slippery slope (that Grierson referred to) but sloping in a different direction.

A slope that will lead to gun registration, gun bans, eventual confiscation and elimination of our Second Amendment rights. I have been a gun owner-user for over 65 years also an endowment member in the NRA and am also a federally licensed firearms dealer.

I can say that universal background checks will not work without first having a universal list of gun owners and guns, also known as registration, so officials would be able to know which guns and gun owners are being checked. From that point on, it only becomes a matter of time before we become another Australia, which now has an almost total ban of guns. I have probably owned about 2,000 guns in my lifetime and not one of them has ever jumped out of a safe, cabinet or closet, loaded itself and caused harm/death to anyone. Harm is caused by humans, not by inanimate objects, whether it is a gun, truck or bomb.

Merle Cousins

Southwest Harbor

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