Single payer

To the Editor:

Bernie Sanders, supported by others already damned for being liberals, has brought forward legislation to enact a single-payer health care plan for all Americans.

It can already be predicted that the proposed legislation will go nowhere because it pits the alleged needs of significant monied interests against the very real needs of the majority of Americans.

In such a scenario, at this time, in this country, profit – however earned –absolutely trumps democracy. In the same way that our health care system has primarily benefited the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical firms, the dollars unleashed by the fiasco that is Citizens United benefits only members of Congress and America’s financial aristocracy.

What matters most seems to be making the already wealthy even wealthier. What matters most is increasing the largesse to large, often multinational, corporations while those corporations, generally speaking, continue to slash/outsource jobs, reduce employee benefits and, with far too much frequency, harm the environment – all the while feeding as ferociously as possible at the federal trough.

The nation’s lavish support of corporate America and of the very wealthy is, in fact, a primary example of the very “socialism” which so many of us apparently fear.

Lewis Redding

Bar Harbor

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