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To the Editor:

We have known for two years that the Windjammer Parade on Somes Sound on Aug. 2 might become one of the signature events of our yearlong Acadia Centennial. The good work of many realized that promise!

Facebook is flooded with images and expressions of appreciation. From our perch on the western shore, it looked like Sargeant Drive was full up with happy viewers. Early reports suggest the mountains in Acadia National Park on the west side of the sound were a favored viewing place for hundreds – with no reported incidents!

At the dinner and sunset ceremony at John William’s boatyard, we saw and heard the appreciation of the windjammer guests and the pride of their captains and crew.

Such success does not just happen. There are many to thank. First and foremost, a “thank you” goes to Meg Maiden and the captains of the six participating ships from the Maine Windjammers Association for envisioning the cruise and making it happen. They brought history to life for thousands.

To our friend of many years, Ned Butler, salty savant of Somes Sound, who with energy and tact shared his deep knowledge of these waters and helped the captains, supporting ships and those formally responsible for safety on the sound deliver a stunning day.

Thanks also to Bill Burnham, leader of the Corinthian Yacht Cub, whose fleet brought respectful dimension and full-dress splendor to our afternoon as they escorted the windjammers on their passage.

Jock Williams, gracious host and civic light of the sound, who gave the windjammers a safe harbor Monday night and welcomed many to a sunset ceremony, also is deserving of our thanks.

Thanks as well to our dear friend Sherry Streeter who, in her role as the Acadia Centennial anchor on the Blue Hill peninsula, first connected the windjammers with the centennial and guided the concept to consummation.

And thanks to this good newspaper whose generous coverage helped guide our community on Parade Day.

It could not have been done without Chief Jim Willis and the officers of the Mount Desert and Bar Harbor Police Departments who, with representative dispatch and good cheer, made sure all went well on Sargeant Drive.

And thanks to our colleagues in Acadian green and gray at Acadia National Park who made sure thousands of guests were both safe and informed and, through Superintendent Kevin Schneider, gave the windjammer captains, crew and passengers a fine island welcome at the ceremony.

There are many more to thank, but to these essential teammates, we offer a hearty “well done” and “thank you!”


Jack Russell

Cookie Horner

Acadia Centennial Co-chairs

Bar Harbor


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