Setting an example

To the Editor:

This political season is dominated by personal attacks between the presidential candidates that are the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. All the presidential candidates are, in my opinion, flawed and have failed to adequately address important issues that affect us all.

We can disagree on who would best serve as president, but we should maintain civility as we express our opinions. Some people were verbally assaulted in Bar Harbor for expressing their support for a presidential candidate, lawn signs have been stolen, automobiles at the Trump rally in Bangor were vandalized with spray paint, and a GOP headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed.

All such behavior is unacceptable and must cease. Many people, including the presidential candidates of both major parties, are setting very bad examples for our children.

Fortunately, we have excellent candidates in all parties for our state legislature and county government. I whole-heartedly support the re-election of Brian Langley to represent Bar Harbor in the Maine Senate and Maurice (Joe) Marshall for the Maine House. These candidates are best prepared to work with our governor for the next two years and will do so in a civil manner.

Above all, we must keep our local politics civil. Let’s set an example for the rest of our nation to follow.

David W. Lind

Bar Harbor

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