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To the Editor:

The recent letter in the Islander titled “Seeing ‘red'”, by Barbara Cusumano from New Jersey was interesting to say the least.

I can’t say I have read something like it in the Islander before.

Personally, I do not have a strong opinion on what direction Bar Harbor should take with regard to sanctuary communities. However, I greatly appreciate the ability of people on Mount Desert Island, and Maine as a whole, to make rational decisions both fairly and with a high degree of sanity.

I expect Bar Harbor to make a good decision in the end, only after weighing many sides of the issue.

Now I don’t mean to disparage the letter writer in any way, nor assume where she is coming from. But such a letter as was written makes a very poor representation of the alternate side to issues of sanctuary cities and immigration.

It is the duty of a rational person to consider carefully opposing viewpoints to understand the cost of a decision, what might be risked or given up. That requires us to look at the world honestly.

This woman asks us to ignore 99 percent of media reports when making decisions. Does that sound right to anyone?

We don’t need news agencies to feed us our opinions, but without credible reporting, we would be blind.

By the way, if you are at all concerned with the credibility of modern news media, you can go and test it! If you want, look for the sources of the information reported. Check how many others reported the same information. You can track which outlets have high credibility by how accurate their stories are.

Be your own fact checker. You don’t need someone else telling you which media are fake or not.

On the issue of immigration, I need to point out that it is very easy to research how extensive the current refugee vetting process is in the United States. To be direct, I will say that I have not heard anyone with knowledge on the subject describe our country’s process as light or easy, let alone non-existent.

The Heritage Foundation’s website provides a robust description, by David Inserra, of the on average 12-18-month-long process involving no less than half a dozen government agencies. It involves multiple background checks and can possibly require a security advisory opinion by the FBI.

To spread bold claims without honest research, such as saying the U.S. “never vetted anyone,” does real harm to our understanding of issues.

I agree with Cusumano that Mainers absolutely should be seeking the truth. And instead of just saying it, I mean actually go and do it!

Kevin Stone

Bar Harbor

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