Seeing ‘red’

To the Editor:

After reading articles about sanctuary communities in the Islander in the last few weeks, I am extremely disappointed in the direction Bar Harbor is taking in protecting illegal aliens.

I am disappointed that Mainers are not seeking out the truth, but listening to 99 percent of the writings by the media who only reports news against the current administration. As if Obama never did anything wrong.

To say the Russians had anything to do with the election without facts is closing your eyes and ears to the truth. There is not one shred of evidence that they had anything to do with the election. It is the only way that the Democrats can explain the fact that they were crushed during the election as America had enough of Obama and the way this country was headed.

The current administration is keeping promises and draining the swamp from the infestation that has occurred with the past administration. President Trump put people in the cabinet who actually know what they are doing. The Democrats are hell bent on tearing the current administration apart as that is the only thing they know.

Having been in health care for 30 years, I can tell you what a disaster health care is in this country. It’s almost bankrupt. It’s being funded by hardworking Americans who fund almost all of the premiums. If not repealed, there will not be insurance in this country in the next year.

I am all for banning those who would harm this country from being allowed to come here unless they are properly vetted. The prior administration never vetted anyone. I was in New York working when 9/11 hit, and I don’t want to see this country go through this again.

I would suggest that people start listening to other news and other channels, as the current news is so slanted.

If you are a Trump supporter, you are vilified. Your car gets keyed if you have a sticker. You are sprayed with mace and attacked if you are meeting to support him. If you have a sign in front of your house, it’s ripped out. And they call us fascists.

This is not the American I know, where free speech is a right.

Look around, the entire country is “red” except for California and the East Coast. That means the rest of the country supported the current administration, which is why it won.

Barbara Cusumano

Marlton, N.J.

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