Saving Earth

To the Editor:

Today we are experiencing a serious threat to our survival on this planet. Earth is a very small and beautiful planet with many fragile ecosystems. We are adding CO2 to the atmosphere faster than the green plants can reabsorb it.

The planet is warming more quickly than at any time in its history, resulting in climate change that has already caused serious drought in many parts of the world. Climate change also has generated storms of greater intensity causing many communities serious damage. The polar ice caps are melting at a rapid rate, and as the oceans rise, the potential for heavy flooding of populated coastal areas mounts.

Climate research scientists, gathering data about fossil fuel CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, have determined a direct correlation between the increase of CO2 and the warming of the planet. President Donald Trump made the unilateral decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate agreement. This is a disastrous decision on his part. In the USA, we have some of the greatest technology innovators in the world. To mobilize the development of renewable energy technology, I propose that we create Technology Team USA.

This team, in collaboration with scientists in other countries, would have the potential to save our planet, Earth. Trump, by pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement, you are endangering not only our quality of life but our very survival. Technology Team USA needs an executive team leader with a vision to turn around the disastrous effects of global warming.

Bob Chaplin

Bar Harbor

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