Sad news

To the Editor:

It is with some surprise I read the news of the closing of the Camden National Bank on Cottage Street as detailed in the Islander last week.

The ATM at the Cottage Street branch is convenient, clean, well-lit, indoors and warm.

At the Town Hill branch, the ATM is fully exposed to the elements, dirty, very difficult to read when the sun is in the southern sky and quite inconvenient, being sited just beyond the drive-through banking drawer.

Overall, I find the Town Hill branch convenient, being on the way to Ellsworth and points North and West. I do the majority of our banking there, including having a safe deposit box.

The staff are delightful, full of conversation and interest, Many is the day that I prefer to do “ATM” transactions inside, for reasons detailed in above paragraph.

However, as I prefer to pay cash whenever possible, the Cottage Street branch is extremely convenient before needing to do shopping at Hannaford, West End Drug, Sherman’s and other locations.

So, I am a tad distressed and disappointed at the news!

Peter Houghton

Bar Harbor


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