Sacrifices recognized

To the Editor:

The Christmas holiday is soon upon us and is a time to give thanks for family and friends. I would like to invite all to take a moment to give a special thanks to our military personnel and their families. The veterans of the past have defended this country and the Constitution, which gives every American citizen the right of freedom of speech, expression and religion.

To the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice and have never returned from battle, and to those who will never be able to spend time with their families ever again and will share a special spot in their families’ hearts on the holidays, I say a special “thank you.”

I thank the soldiers who are currently serving for their sacrifice and their families for their unselfish service to this country. These families are spending this time apart when these holidays are times for families to be together.

Our soldiers represent our country. They defend the rights set forth in the Constitution of the United States, the document that makes us a free nation.

This holiday season, I hope everyone will say “thank you” to a veteran, as they truly represent what this country stands for. They give up or have given up time with family and friends during the holiday season so that we may have and enjoy the freedom of speech, expression and religion.

May God bless our men and women both present and past in uniform, and their families, for their sacrifice and for their service.

Sean Hall

Hulls Cove

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